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[unifont] Packaging GNU Unifont

wael - 16 days ago - . Updated 1 day ago.

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GNU unifont can be a fully free alternative to terminus while also supporting a wider range of outputs.
It is packaged in the AUR here:
License is GPLv2+.


PKGBUILD (4.39 KB) PKGBUILD wael, 2022-08-14 05:03 AM
PKGBUILD (4.4 KB) PKGBUILD wael, 2022-08-14 05:24 AM
PKGBUILD (4.66 KB) PKGBUILD wael, 2022-08-14 05:28 PM



Updated by bill-auger 3 days ago

so this font works in the linux VT console ?


Updated by wael 3 days ago

bill-auger wrote:

so this font works in the linux VT console ?

IIRC it is used in GRUB on Ubuntu (or was in the past).
Checking the website, there is a PSF version too, which means that one can be packaged for the console:


Updated by bill-auger 2 days ago

i ask, because you described it as a replacement for terminus
font - terminus font is the only large bitmap font that can be
used in a VT; but it is lacking most non-ASCII glyphs

i dont see any value of adding yet another GUI font; but if it
is a more complete large bitmap font than terminus font, that
would increase its desirability


Updated by wael 2 days ago

I've managed to package and test the PSF version on the console, it works fine (and looks better than terminus IMO, as it is slimmer).
I've done a split package based on a bunch of packages from the AUR (with attribution, of course), while also making sure to tend to license handling (FOSS, OFL 1.1 license).
This PKGBUILD effectively generates packages from the OTF, TTF, BDF, PSF, HEX and PCF versions of the font, while also generating a utils package for the font.
An obvious advantage over Terminus is not only that this is maintained on GNU Savannah, but also that it has UTF-8 support.


Updated by bill-auger 2 days ago

ok that looks good, but dont keep 'Maintainer:' as anyone unrelated to parabola - put either yourself or 'Parabola Hackers' as the 'Maintainer:' - if the PKGBUILD is based on another, make the original Maintainer like such:

# Maintainer(arch):
# Maintainer(archarm):
# Maintainer(arch32):
# Maintainer(artix):
# Maintainer(aur):

that is to indicate to readers, where to find the original PKGBUILD to diff new versions against, presuming that the original PKGBUILD is still maintained - i plan to make tool someday which will parse those IDs from the parens, and fetch the latest version from where ever

in this case it was derived from multiple PKGBUILDs combined, so that is not yet enough information to locate the upstream PKGBUILD - in that case i would also make a note of the original package names - maybe for such special cases, a new syntax could be introduced like # Maintainer(aur:pkgname):, to specify them for the tool to parse


Updated by wael 2 days ago

Fixed the maintainer attribution, I don't mind maintaining the package for Parabola either :)


Updated by bill-auger 2 days ago

on the AUR, this is multiple PKGBUILDs, yes? - what were those package names that you used as a reference?

there are only two AUR maintainers listed

# Maintainer(aur): neeshy 
# Maintainer(aur): Carlos Aznarán

for the following 7 packages

but the AUR shows those package names having 4 different maintainers
bdf-unifont     14.0.04-1     carlosal1015
unifont-utils     14.0.04-1     neeshy
psf-unifont     14.0.04-1     neeshy
pcf-unifont     14.0.04-1     neeshy
hex-unifont     14.0.04-1     neeshy
ttf-unifont     14.0.04-1     Morn
otb-unifont     14.0.01-1     Ckat

also, 'otf-unifont' is presumably a typo - should be 'otb-unifont', yes?


Updated by wael 1 day ago

I used the two attributed packages as a base, but seeing that it was a split package and I looked into the packaged files from the official distribution from unifont I just packaged it accordingly.
In any way, I'll add the attribution and fix the typo.


Updated by wael 1 day ago

Nevermind, apparently otb is a typo or compiled manually.
OTF and TTF are precompiled anyway, fixed and attached.

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