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[gwenview]: symbol lookup error: gwenview: undefined symbol:

penaiple - about 1 month ago - . Updated 2 days ago.

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the latest version of gwenview (22.08.0-1) returns this output instead of running:

[fed@cia ~] ~> gwenview randomstuff/randomimage.jpg 
gwenview: symbol lookup error: gwenview: undefined symbol: _ZN12KNewFileMenu19setWorkingDirectoryERK4QUrl
[fed@cia ~] ~> 

deleting ~/.local/share/gwenview/ does nothing, but downgrading to version 22.07.90-1 solves the problem.
this does not happen on another of my machines that runs plain archlinux, so it might be a problem with dependencies in parabola's repos.



Updated by bill-auger 17 days ago

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i got that error too, on a system which has not been upgraded in a long time - but after upgrading that system, gwenview works as expected

try # pacman -Syyuu

do you have any IgnorePkg ?

any repos enabled, other than: nonsystemd libre core extra community pcr ?

any foreign packages?


Updated by penaiple 17 days ago

>pacman -Q --foreign
absolutely-proprietary 20220518-1
activate-linux-git r187.4c848f4-1
bisq-bin 1.9.5-1
catclock-git r35.b2f2779-1
chocolate-doom 3.0.1-1
ckb-next 0.5.0-2
crispy-doom 5.12.0-1
downgrade 11.2.1-1
emote 3.0.3-4
gomuks-midek-git r590.1cebea0-1
gzdoom 4.8.2-1
linux-api-headers 5.18.15-1
ly-reloaded-git r72.b560d1f-1
mupen64plus-extraplugins 2.0-3
mupen64plus-video-gliden64-git 4.0.r580.g2973f535-1
pantalaimon 0.10.4-3
python-manimpango 0.4.1-1
qpdfview 0.4.18-2
quickmedia-git r1186.1eff755-1
sataniabuddy-git r76.4581066-1
sibs-git r309.54b38ad-1
ventoy-bin 1.0.79-5
vrms-arch-git 2.0.r2.g128b201-1
xmrig-donateless 6.18.0-1
yay 11.3.0-1
ytfzf 2.5.0-1
zmusic 1.1.9-1

my enabled repos are:
pcr, community, extra, core, libre, nonprism

gwenview is currently in IgnorePkg, being kept at 22.07.90 to prevent breakage.
kate has a similar problem, but downgrading doesn't fix it:

kate: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: _ZN3KIO26createDefaultJobUiDelegateE6QFlagsIN14KJobUiDelegate4FlagEEP7QWidget


Updated by bill-auger 17 days ago

it may be interesting to see what you have from nonprism

$ pacman -Qs | grep nonprism


Updated by bill-auger 3 days ago

if it is due to some packages in [nonprism], usually the 'kio' package needs an upgrade - i just tried this on an i686 system, and both gwenview and kate work as expected, with both kio packages


Updated by bill-auger 2 days ago

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ok got it - the problem exists only for x86 and arm with nonprism enabled - kio_5.98.0 in nonprism fix it

ive pinned nonprism/kio to the version of the other k-things, which should prevent this problem in the future


Updated by bill-auger 2 days ago

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