Bug #3374

Repos out of sync with upstream for x86_64 since 2022-11-18

grizzlyuser - 10 days ago - . Updated 4 days ago.

% Done:



  • expected result:
    Step 2: maximum 1 day lag between Parabola repos and upstream repos, all upstream updates except blacklisted ones are available in Parabola
    Step 5: extra/cmake 3.25.0-1 (or newer) is in the output since it was updated upstream on 2022-11-21
  • actual result:
    Step 2: it looks like Parabola repos stopped syncing correctly since 2022-11-18, because only 5 updated packages are visible since then, while upstream has dozens (hundreds?) at the same time.
    Step 5: extra/cmake 3.24.3-1 is in the output



Updated by grizzlyuser 10 days ago

Judging by cmake version, it looks like the same issue happened for armv7h, although it's harder to see it since Arch Linux ARM website doesn't allow to sort packages by update date.


Updated by grizzlyuser 9 days ago

1. Is there any way I can help in resolving this?
2. Are there any blockers?
3. Are there any workarounds?


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sry i saw this (or on IRC maybe) and i checked; but did not see the problem at the time


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alls well - thanks for noticing

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