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Housekeeping #3018: Various uninstallable packages should be fixed, dropped, or blacklisted.

[gnoduino] Upstream has discontinued the project and it has no license

wael - 12 months ago - . Updated 11 months ago.

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The upstream project is discontinued and it has to proper license attached to it.



Updated by bill-auger 12 months ago

the licensing may be fine - the files under src/ have GPL2-or-later headers - the PKGBUILD would never install the upstream GPL license file anyways

there are some firmware blobs in it though - i did not look too closely - the sources may be nearby


Updated by bill-auger 12 months ago

  • Parent task set to #3018

'gnoduino' has one other strike against it - it is impossible to install since 'pygtksourceview2' is gone (#3018)

is there a replacement for this tool, something better perhaps? - eg: this is a GNOME project - perhaps it is deprecated because gnome-builder has absorbed it's functionality


Updated by wael 11 months ago

I don't think anything came to replace it, even if you can somewhat use geany to replicate some of the functionality thereof.


Updated by bill-auger 11 months ago

just trying to gauge the desirability factor of the desirability/work-load ratio for the parent ticket (should python2/GTK2 be re-instated, or should a few highly-desirable python2 clients be forked and adapted to python3)

you noticed this one wael - do you use it?

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