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Freedom Issue #1035: [your-system-sanity]: Non-Free Software From Third-party Package Managers (TPPM)

Evaluate the libreoffice extensions repository

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Libreoffice has an addon reposityry at

Libreoffice most likely refer to this repository in its menu.

I didn't find a policy for the repository license, and I found an extension without any license mentioned on its page [1].

On the website, they mention that they have a mailing list, but I didn't look yet if there are archives of it or not.

In any cases we (the FSDG distributions) need to (1) verify that Libreoffice points to this addon repository (I've already verified it with Libreoffice calc under Guix x86_64 on another computer), and (2) update the cross distribution documentation about it2 and (3) obviously fix it in our repositories.

Another issue that might need more discussion is also how to notify distributions. Here I usually bugreport to both Parabola and Guix for topics like that, but there is also Trisquel, PureOS, and Hyperbola that most likely have Libreoffice. Small distros, dynebolics, dragora, Replicant are probably unaffected. And I've no idea if we can still bugreport for Ututo S, but if they ship libreoffice it might be a good way to find out if it needs to be moved to the "Historical" section of FSDG compliant GNU/Linux distributions.



Updated by GNUtoo over 1 year ago

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