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[nextcloud-client]: Add a webengine-less nextcloud-client back to libre repositories again

sseneca - about 2 months ago - . Updated 8 days ago.

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For a while, Parabola built Nextcloud Client without qt5-webengine which was at the time an optional dep. About a year ago Arch decided to drop the webengine dep from their PKGBUILD, so the libre package was removed. It has unfortunately been added again:

As a result:

warning: cannot resolve "qt5-webengine", a dependency of "nextcloud-client" 
:: The following package cannot be upgraded due to unresolvable dependencies:

Looks like this is because upstream decided to add it a requirement:

Since the client does actually work completely fine with this disabled, I've left a comment there asking for a way to build without webengine. If there is a way, a slightly modified PKGBUILD could be added to the libre repos.


patch.diff (1.85 KB) patch.diff sseneca, 2023-02-08 07:14 PM
PKGBUILD (4.58 KB) PKGBUILD sseneca, 2023-02-08 07:16 PM

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Updated by sseneca about 2 months ago

A patch to remove the requirement in src/CMakeLists.txt before building would probably be quite easy to do.


Updated by sseneca about 2 months ago

Almost... 94% tests passing... will take another look at this when I get the chance...


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the PKGBUILD was never deleted from abslibre - it may be helpful to start from the existing parabola PKGBUILD


Updated by bill-auger 15 days ago

FWIW, i commented on the upstream BR - there are many separate BRs and PRs about this upstream - they agreed to make it optional once before - now it looks that for some reason recently, they made it mandatory again? - several people are asking them to stop doing this - it would be nice to set this one as 'forwarded-upstream'; but it is still not clear if they will make it optional again - the BR was closed with no further comments from the maintainers


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this has languished for too long - i ended up patching webengine out of the build config, similarly to how sseneca proposed - can people please test it? (3.7.4-1 in [libre])


Updated by bill-auger 2 days ago

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