Bug #3447

Jami cannot show any window

Avron - about 2 months ago - . Updated about 2 months ago.

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  • steps to reproduce:
    Install jami.
    Run jami.
    Right click on Jami icon in Mate panel.
    Click on "Show Jami"
  • expected result:
    The Jami windows appears.
  • actual result:
    Nothing occurs.

Result of starting Jami from the terminal:
$ LC_ALL=C jami
Using Qt runtime version: 6.4.2
"notify server name: Notification Daemon, vendor: MATE, version: 1.26.0, spec: 1.1"
"Using locale: C"
No accounts to migrate
Screen saver dbus interface: "org.gnome.ScreenSaver"
Can't update current account info data for ""
QQmlApplicationEngine failed to load component
qrc:/src/MainApplicationWindow.qml:108:5: Type DaemonReconnectPopup unavailable
qrc:/src/commoncomponents/DaemonReconnectPopup.qml:26:1: Type BaseModalDialog unavailable
qrc:/src/commoncomponents/BaseModalDialog.qml:107:5: Type DropShadow unavailable
qrc:/ Cannot load library /usr/lib/qt6/qml/Qt5Compat/GraphicalEffects/private/ ( cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory)
Main window loaded using OpenGLRhi
NetworkManager client initialized, version: 1.40.12 , daemon running: yes , networking enabled: yes
primary network connection: 0f2dcad1-91d9-4550-bee7-69145e8e2536 default: yes



Updated by bill-auger about 2 months ago

sry i did not test this well - i forgot my credentials long ago - i only launched it and saw the login screen, and assumed that it was good - that should have been a reasonable assumption - all i did was to rebuild the existing version (to close #3377) - there are new releases upstream; but i was hoping to avoid a rabbit-hole - strictly speaking, that login window was "any window" - maybe that should be "some specific class of windows"

$ LC_ALL=C jami

i wonder if that is the problem - i launched 'jami-qt' not 'jami'

could you try:

$ jami-qt

if that does not work, could you try building the same version as the arch package? - you should only need to change the git commit in the PKGBUILD


Updated by Avron about 2 months ago

jami-qt does the same.

I removed ~/.cache/jami, ~/.config/jami and ~/.local/share/jami to eliminate problems with things stored but it makes no difference. I haven't used jami on parabola for a while.

The message in the terminal show up before I do anything, I don't see any login window, just he icon in the Mate panel which has a drop down menu with two choices, "Show Jami" and "Quit", none of them do anything.

Will try building as you suggested (probably by the end of the week).


Updated by bill-auger about 2 months ago

note that if you literally "removed" (rm -rf) ~/.config/jami and ~/.local/share/jami, you have destroyed your credentials - not merely de-configured them - i mean they are gone forever, unless you have previously setup jami on another device, or backed-up the export.tar.gz somehow


Updated by Avron about 2 months ago

No worry, I have Jami configured on another disk and on two other computers, all using Trisquel.

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