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[samba] package for i686 arch not build since 2023-06-24 (samba 4.17.5-1.0)

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Packages for x86_64 and armv7_h are available in the repo.
Trying to build on my own with makepkg results in
==> ERROR: samba is not available for the 'i686' architecture



Updated by bill-auger 2 months ago

is there anything wrong with the software? - this is a bug tracker; but it seems that you are not reporting a bug; but are asking for general help about building packages - the mailing list, web forum, or IRC would be better for that

it is not unusual for a package to be of a different version than expected - users can indicate that by flagging the package "out-of-date" on the packages website - for as long as the software works as expected, that is not a bug to be handled on the bug tracker

==> ERROR: samba is not available for the 'i686' architecture

that is probably because you are using the PKGBUILD from arch or the AUR - normally, you could simply add 'i686' to the arch=() array - however, some packages may need patching for other arches; so you generally need to check arch32 or archarm for patches - in this case, for the current i686 package, the following changes must be made:

at the top-level scope:

# disable CEPH support

in the build() function:

sed '
+./configure --disable-cephfs

in the package_samba() function:


however, if you are trying to build a version other than the current version in the repos, those changes above may or may not apply, and other new changes may be necessary


Updated by bill-auger about 2 months ago

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closing as stale

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