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Error booting CD on MacBook

bugmenot - almost 9 years ago - . Updated over 4 years ago.

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I burned parabola-2013.04.27-dual.iso on a CD and when I booted a MacBook with it, the computer got stuck at this screen:

Select CD-Rom Boot Type:_

There is a discussion of the same problem on Redhat here:

...including a workaround, which I adapted to the Parabola image this way:

  1. mount -t iso9960 parabola-2013.04.27-dual.iso /mnt
  2. mkdir /tmp/image
  3. cp -a /mnt/* /tmp/image
  4. mkisofs -iso-level 2 -V PARABOLA_201304 -J -r -b isolinux/isolinux.bin -c isolinux/ -no-emul-boot -boot-load-size 4 -boot-info-table -o /tmp/parabola-2013.04.27-dual_MACBOOK.iso /tmp/image

The resulting image can boot the MacBook.

I think this is a bug because the Ubuntu CDs boot fine.



Updated by bugmenot almost 9 years ago

I've just checked that Ubuntu 64-bits CD also fails to boot this late 2007 MacBook (w/ Intel Core 2).

Ubuntu 32-bits CD boots fine.

Maybe you should also provide an i686-only image.


Updated by Moosbart almost 9 years ago

Hallo, I am glad someone else runs parabola 64bit on a MacBook2,1 (2007)!

maybe this is another issue, it is about the mismatch of a 32-bit EFI, launching a 64-bit kernel/OS
when I installed parabola on my MacBook, I followed this note from the Beginners Guide when installing grub:

Note: In case you have a system with 32-bit EFI, like pre-2008 Macs, install grub-efi-i386 instead, and use --target=i386-efi.

that used to work nicely.

in the meantime, grub has been replaced by grub2.00 and there is no package grub-efi-i386 anymore.

I figured I could modify the grub2.00 PKGBUILD from

[[ "${CARCH}" == "x86_64" ]] && _EFI_ARCH="x86_64"
[[ "${CARCH}" == "i686" ]] && _EFI_ARCH="i386"


#[[ "${CARCH}" == "x86_64" ]] && _EFI_ARCH="x86_64"
#[[ "${CARCH}" == "i686" ]] && _EFI_ARCH="i386"

forcing the EFI architecture i386 even though the OS was 64bit. building and installing the grub package with this modification again works nicely, such that it creates a 32-bit EFI file which can be run by the MacBook. Although the file name and directory needs to be changed by hand, so that it lives at /boot/efi/EFI/BOOT/bootia32.efi

best regards


Updated by alfplayer almost 9 years ago

The new ISO 2013.09.01 could help with this problem.

Related to UEFI: the introduction of Secure Boot in Arch ISOs is being held back, and gummiboot is being kept. Details:


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