Freedom Issue #37

sqlite PKGBUILD gets and builds blacklisted documentation

mtjm - almost 12 years ago - . Updated almost 5 years ago.

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Fixed in abslibre-mips64el.



Updated by mtjm over 11 years ago

libre/sqlite3-libre solves this issue, needs i686 packaging. THEN please blacklist sqlite3 and sqlite3-tcl with replacements of the same names.


Updated by mtjm over 11 years ago

Renamed since now a different package is affected.


Updated by Anonymous over 8 years ago

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Updated by mtjm over 8 years ago

How is it fixed?


Updated by Anonymous over 8 years ago

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mtjm wrote:

How is it fixed?

Sorry, i misunderstood the issue because it means PKGBUILD, not package. Should we blacklist sqlite packages from Arch and release a new one (without sqlite-doc in PKGBUILD) due it? If it constitutes a freedom issue, we should begin do the same with similar packages like kdebase-konqueror that is inside kdebase PKGBUILD. I think there are another ones, but we should open a new report about it for this case.


Updated by bill-auger almost 5 years ago

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sqlite-doc is on the blacklist - is that all this was about?

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