Freedom Issue #374

[openexr] 2.0.1-1 documentation source is not packaged, nonfree fonts are embedded

mtjm - over 9 years ago - . Updated over 1 year ago.

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There are four PDF files of the documentation included which embed nonfree fonts.

The embedded fonts include licenses like this one:


This typeface is the property of Monotype Typography and its use by you is covered under the terms of a license agreement. You have obtained this typeface software either directly from Monotype or together with software distributed by one of Monotype's licensees.

This software is a valuable asset of Monotype. Unless you have entered into a specific license agreement granting you additional rights, your use of this software is limited to your workstation for your own publishing use. You may not copy or distribute this software.

If you have any question concerning your rights you should review the license agreement you received with the software or contact Monotype for a copy of the license agreement.

Monotype can be contacted at:

USA - (847) 718-0400 UK - 01144 01737 765959

The PDFs are generated from OpenDocument text documents available at We should include the source, remove the binaries and regenerate them using free fonts.



Updated by bill-auger over 2 years ago

'openexr' FTBS with libremakepkg - it is apparently trying to run an internal network service in order to convert the documentation .odt files to .pdf

+  # Failed to connect to /usr/lib/libreoffice/program/soffice.bin (pid=1443) in 60 seconds.
+  # |  Connector : couldn't connect to socket (Success)
+  # |  Error: Unable to connect or start own listener. Aborting.

the upstream makefiles install the .pdf files, which are present in the source-ball - there are also .odt files present in the source-ball, which are presumably the sources for the PDFs; but the makefiles do not install those - the previous solution was to delete the PDFs. and re-generate them - i dont see any reason to convert the .odt files to .pdf though; other than to satisfy the makefiles - the existing .odt file are viewable with libreoffice; and AFAICT they do not embed any fonts - going on the assumption that the ODT files satisfy the FSDG already, the simplest solution to this freedom bug is to simply install the .odt files instead - i added a patch to abslibre which accomplishes that


Updated by bill-auger over 1 year ago

openexr v3 no longer ships the offending PDF files - in fact, the package does not install any documentation now - as that was the only librefication, i have removed 'openexr' from the blacklist and from abslibre

Also available in: Atom PDF