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[maven-libre] contains files not built from source

lukeshu - over 10 years ago - . Updated over 9 years ago.

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As of maven-libre 3.0.4-1, all jar files in /usr/share/maven (that are provided by maven-libre) were not built from source.

I am confident that they are all free software, but we need to build them from source. They should be separate packages.

Why I'm allowing this

The reason we have maven-libre at all, is:
  1. Blacklisting it until it this is resolved would prevent us from building many more packages.
  2. (unlike Arch's maven) it creates a directory structure to install these files into, and fix it and other packages depending on maven modules.

I've packaged one of these deps, what now?

That's 213 .jar files that we need to build. Here is to be done for each:
  1. Package it; make sure .jar and .pom files are installed into /usr/share/maven/repository
  2. Add it to maven-libre's makedepends=().
  3. Rebuild maven-libre

In order for maven to see the system installs when doing this, they must be cp'd into $pkgdir; I have added the code for this to git.

We've packaged all 213 dependencies, final steps

After all 213 .jar files are provided by other packages, apply this patch to maven-libre's PKGBUILD:

-  install -d "$pkgdir`dirname $_M2_LOCALREPO`" 
-  cp -r $_M2_LOCALREPO "$pkgdir$_M2_LOCALREPO" 
   install -d "$pkgdir"/opt
-  ant -Dmaven.repo.local="$pkgdir$_M2_LOCALREPO" 
+  ant -Dmaven.repo.local="$_M2_LOCALREPO" 



Updated by lukeshu over 10 years ago

Not fixed, but better


Updated by lukeshu over 9 years ago

This has been obsoleted by #334

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