Bug #395

Pbot should tell people they have messages when they log into the IRC

xylon - almost 9 years ago - . Updated almost 9 years ago.

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At the moment, pbot gives people their messages when they speak. This makes sure that they are at the computer when the message is given to them (people who use IRC proxies may not be at their computer when their account logs in). However, since a lot of users probably log into the IRC manually, and might not immediately say anything, it might be helpfull for pbot to tell them they have messages when they log in, like this:

jack: jill has send you a message, type anything to see it.

But this might cause a problem if the user's connection repeatedly connects and disconnects because of some network problems, and pbot would spam the IRC with that message over and over.

I guess there are two options:
  1. Put a limit on how frequently pbot sends such messages
  2. Make it tell them that by PM

The latter causes the least unecesary messages to the channel, but the former might be easier to implement because pbot doesn't have any PM abilities at the moment.



Updated by xylon almost 9 years ago

I decided to do the latter. It's implemented but needs testing.


Updated by xylon almost 9 years ago

Seems to work

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