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We need more mirrors

foobar23 - about 9 years ago - . Updated over 8 years ago.

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I am not sure if this is the right project to report this issue, but there are not enough parabola GNU/Linux-libre mirrors out there. I would suggest that we contact a few institutions which mirror common linux distros (e.g arch) and ask them if they could mirror our distro too. Further more, I would ask the FSF if they could mirror parabola too since they already mirror other free linux distros such as Dragora(



Updated by lukeshu about 9 years ago

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We should definitely ask the FSF/GNU to host a mirror.


Updated by johkra about 9 years ago

FYI: I'm currently in the process of testing a new (OK, an old one which went away for some months) mirror and will send a message to the dev list with more information soon™.


Updated by fauno almost 9 years ago

we discussed this idea to take advantage of existing arch mirrors but i never get to actually code it:

  • we don't host packages from [core], [extra], [community], etc.
  • we host cleaned up copies of core.db.tar.gz, etc.
  • the webserver redirects 404s to a script that replies with redirections to download urls on arch mirrors


since the repo databases are cleaned up there's no way to get a download url for unfree packages, but the script could check with the blacklist anyway.

otherwise look for "on demand mirroring" on the wiki :)

we were also discussing p2p caches with alfplayer yesterday!


Updated by xylon almost 9 years ago

Does pacman already support http redirects?


Updated by mtjm over 8 years ago

See also the DNS load balancing idea, since the current mirrorlist strongly prefers the first mirror that we list.

Pacman2pacman could bring a bigger improvement: users could mirror some packages on their VPSes that won't fit the whole repo.


Updated by mtjm over 8 years ago

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We have three current mirrors and two outdated mirrors for IPv4, two current IPv6 mirrors and one completely inaccessible mirror. We don't need more unless we get real data that more mirrors are needed and would help (they wouldn't if earlier mirrors in the mirrorlist get more traffic).

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