Bug #592

Files without o+r permission on make rsync clients fail

alfplayer - over 9 years ago - . Updated almost 8 years ago.

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Rsync clients output "Permission denied (13)" and the exit status is not zero. I recommend to do this using inotifywait. Use a systemd unit? A @reboot entry in cron?



Updated by lukeshu over 9 years ago

Um... I can't find any such files; this shouldn't happen.


Updated by alfplayer over 9 years ago

I fixed the permission before I created the issue (sorry, maybe I should have mentioned it). I did the same in the past several times. The latest file was in other/videos/.

I think this is important because errors in rsync log files are not easy to find because the files are long (and not always available), and because Parabola packages change fast, so a missing sync can result in files which are never backed up.


Updated by mtjm over 9 years ago

It's a user error, people should not upload world-unreadable files to the repos.

If logs are too long to be useful, then rsync should be run to log less. Removing the -v option or adding -q should help.


Updated by alfplayer almost 9 years ago

I got this again on other/artwork/. Rsync returns error and my mirror was outdated. I recommend uploaders to create upload scripts that run chmod, or maybe rsync -p|--perms or rsync --chmod.


Updated by alfplayer almost 8 years ago

It happened again. Files inside other/ as usual. I added "ignore nonreadable = yes" to rsyncd.conf.

Uploaders must follow instructions in the rsync man page, --perms option description, in particular "In summary: ...", and --chmod option description.

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