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Split 'Libre' repo to 'Libre' and 'Parabola rebranded' repos

Anonymous - over 6 years ago - . Updated over 6 years ago.

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I want to use libre repo but I need to deal with "Parabola rebranded" packages, because I don't want to rebrand (yet). Please reconsider splitting libre repo to 'Libre' and 'Parabola', the latter to contain "parabola rebranded" packages (like abs, pacman, grub, syslinux, filesystem, etc).



Updated by mtjm over 6 years ago

This requires either including Arch-branded packages (violating the FSDG and misleading our and their users) or maintaining a separate set of unbranded packages.


Updated by lukeshu over 6 years ago

daimonion: What do you want to accomplish?

mtjm: Not at all. I think daimonion is asking that we have a [parabola] repo with pacman, filesystem, etc, and not have them in [libre]; that is: the exact packages we have now, but some of them moved into a different repo. I think he's trying to use [libre] on Arch without switching to Parabola.


Updated by Anonymous over 6 years ago

lukeshu: Exactly, I want to use [libre] repo on Arch but without entirely switching to Parabola (at least for now).

Reasoning: I'm already using IceWeasel from your [libre] repo, and I'm thinking of using 3 or 4 more packages (so that I don't have to compile libre versions of them myself, like I'm doing now), and updating them automaticaly would be nice thing to have. But I don't want to use Parabola's versions of pacman, abs, grub, filesystem and other packages. At least not for now. I've been using Arch for 7 years now, and it's kinda hard to change it to something new all of a sudden. :)


Updated by alfplayer over 6 years ago

I think switching to [libre] is easy enough so I recommed this issue gets closed. I prefer the other direction, that is, joining repositories rather than splitting.

Anyway, some ideas to script it, to show how to do it now:

Updated by lukeshu over 6 years ago

I use this script to make a local repo of specific packages to import from a foreign repo. I mostly use it for testing if a bug is present in the Arch version of a package also. It shouldn't be hard to adapt it to go the other way.

As for switching to Parabola: I strongly encourage you to. It is almost exactly Arch, but instead of taking the extra steps to be free, you'd be taking the steps to use whatever non-free stuff you want/need.

alfplayer: Meanwhile, I do support splitting [libre] into [{core,extra,community}-libre] or similar :)

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