Bug #710

parabola-2015.02.28-dual.iso fails to boot

goat - over 7 years ago - . Updated about 6 years ago.

% Done:



mobo- MSI Global KT4V-L
CPU- AMD Athlon XP 2000+
video- Nvidia FX5200-TD128LF
sound- Sonic Impact S90 S1 Diamond Multimedia

boot screen output:
Probing EDD (edd=off to disable)... ok
early console in decompress_kernel

Decompressing Linux... Parsing ELF... No relocation needed... done.
Booting the kernel.
:: running early hook [udev]
starting version 218
:: running hook [udev]
:: Triggering uevents...

(((The system hangs at this point)))

Haven't been able to boot Debian Jessi stable or fedora 21 on this machine as well. Kernel issue?



Updated by icarious over 7 years ago

Can be. As it works for me and few others. You can try the latest ISO 2015.05.01. Comes with a newer Kernel.


Updated by goat over 7 years ago

Exact same issue with ISO 2015.05.01


Updated by icarious over 7 years ago

I didn't check your processor earlier. I had the exact same processor few years earlier so I guess I know the source of the problem. Try booting with the "noapic" kernel parameter. It should boot. GNU+Linux wouldn't boot in earlier AMD Processors without "noapic".


Updated by goat over 7 years ago

Running with kernel parameter "nomodeset" allows the live CD to boot. With some researching it appears this is a kernel problem and not directly related to this specific distrobution as I have encountered the same problem and worked around the same problem with "nomodeset" on several other distrobutions.

Using the "nomodeset" paramater does not fix the actual problem, but is a work around. I find I am limited in screen resolution with this work around. I will continue to keep an eye on this. Thnx for your input icarious.


Updated by Anonymous about 6 years ago

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