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default desktop environment for parabola graphical

dikasp - almost 7 years ago - . Updated over 4 years ago.

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hi, I see gnome fallback and gnome3 parabola rebranded version is awesome. can we make one of this be default for parabola graphical ?


Screenshot_2015-10-11_02-46-01.png (206 KB) Screenshot_2015-10-11_02-46-01.png gnome fallback parabola rebranded dikasp, 2015-10-19 06:26 AM
Screenshot_2015-10-11_02-43-45.png (366 KB) Screenshot_2015-10-11_02-43-45.png gnome fallback parabola rebranded dikasp, 2015-10-19 06:26 AM
Screenshot_2015-10-11_02-49-15.png (438 KB) Screenshot_2015-10-11_02-49-15.png gnome3 parabola rebranded dikasp, 2015-10-19 06:26 AM
Screenshot_2015-10-18_22-18-51.png (570 KB) Screenshot_2015-10-18_22-18-51.png gnome3 parabola rebranded dikasp, 2015-10-19 06:26 AM



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[update] mate desktop has been chosen to be default gui


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Updated by bill-auger over 4 years ago

for completeness, i will add that the main thing to note regarding the choice of desktop for the ISO and installer, is that the install process on all archiso-based ISOs has always been entirely independent from the live environment; so it is not essential to consider any one desktop environment as "THE" official parabola desktop or even to have any one prescribed default option - i am currently working to make the calamares installer capable of installing the user's choice of desktop (or none at all) and perhaps with the user's choice of init system as well - in that way we can continue adding more install options without increasing the number of ISO variants

regarding the mate desktop: up until about six months ago, parabola graphical LiveISOs had the mate desktop, but since mate's move to GTK3, there are problems getting it to work well on a liveISO, which is why we chose to replace it with LXDE instead - that being said, mate still works well once fully installed and is already one of the options in the calamares graphical installer

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