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[texlive-bin] won't build on ARM hardware (xindy/clisp memory fault)

isacdaavid - almost 5 years ago - . Updated almost 4 years ago.

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xindy is a Tex package which depends on clisp and that we provide in our texlive-bin package. I was able to build texlive-bin unmodified on QEMU-ARM, but in real hardware clisp crashes with a memory fault while trying to compile texlive-bin/src/source/utils/xindy/xindy-2.5.1/src/base.lsp.

I attached a file with the relevant part of the build process.

For reference, Debian had xindy for arm soft-float during wheezy, and now the sid version claims to be available for armv7 hard-float, but there's no xindy package in Debian stable according to this search [[]] (and no other package seems to include it).

Other distros don't package xindy at all for ARM (Gentoo, Fedora, Arch ARM). The only mention of this bug I could find comes from a recent attempt to package xindy in Fedora: [[]]


texlive-bin.log (7.85 KB) texlive-bin.log isacdaavid, 2015-11-07 05:30 AM



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Interestingly, the QEMU build also failed for the same reason on a x86_64 host. It's only QEMU on i686 that can overcome it.


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This was fixed a while back in abslibre with conditional compilation to disable xindy on armv7h.

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