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# Project Tracker Subject Status Updated
3359 Packages Packaging Request [bombadillo] Package bombadillo terminal browser for gemini and gopher fixed 2022-10-11 01:37 PM Actions
3586 Packages Bug [clamav] Outdated, vulnrable not-a-bug 2024-02-25 05:56 PM Actions
3208 Packages Packaging Request [coreboot-util][libreboot-util]: Package ectool from coreboot for controlling the EC on coreboot and libreboot. fixed 2022-07-29 09:08 AM Actions
3371 Packages Bug cryptsetup/openssl update causing whirlpool-hashed LUKS boot failure fixed 2022-12-15 05:59 PM Actions
3393 Servers Feature Request delete 'Packaging Rrequest' as valid redmine 'Issue Concern' (aka: Tracker) in progress 2023-02-21 06:37 AM Actions
3325 Documentation Housekeeping Document Coreboot (and distros thereof) capable systems ala T400 wiki page in progress 2023-09-16 06:41 PM Actions
3400 Packages Packaging Request [eclipse] Is it possible to package eclipse for Parabola? wont-fix 2023-01-02 06:39 PM Actions
3582 Packages Bug [egypt] Outdated. not-a-bug 2024-02-25 02:26 PM Actions
3588 Packages Bug [flashrom-stable] Supplanted by flashprog fixed 2024-02-25 07:10 PM Actions
3295 Packages Bug [gajim] Requires gtksourceview4 confirmed 2022-11-02 04:57 AM Actions
3294 Packages Bug gmid needs rebuild because of new libretls version fixed 2023-01-02 11:07 PM Actions
3515 Packages Bug [gmid] Requires Rebuild Against New LibreTLS Version confirmed 2024-04-07 12:09 PM Actions
3399 Packages Freedom Issue [gnoduino] Upstream has discontinued the project and it has no license confirmed 2024-02-13 07:38 PM Actions
3579 Packages Bug [ii] Needs updating not-a-bug 2024-02-25 02:52 PM Actions
3206 Packages Packaging Request [intel-phc]: for undervolting 2nd gen and older Intel CPUs. fixed 2022-07-11 06:28 PM Actions
3433 Packages Bug [kio]: needs rebuild against the lastest kded version fixed 2023-01-24 12:08 PM Actions
3578 Packages Bug [libotr3] Ought to be deleted, available through [extra] fixed 2024-02-25 06:44 PM Actions
3556 Packages Bug [mkinitcpio-paralogo] Causes a Failure in Generating Kernel Image confirmed 2023-12-31 09:14 AM Actions
3581 Packages Bug [nodejs-bower] TPPM confirmed 2024-03-01 11:25 PM Actions
3248 Packages Bug [nvramtool] conflicts with coreboot-util duplicate 2022-04-25 09:06 AM Actions
3323 Packages Packaging Request Package silk-guardian for Parabola open 2022-10-02 08:43 AM Actions
3426 Packages Bug Package updates on the mailing list not-a-bug 2023-02-21 06:27 AM Actions
3577 Packages Bug [pactools] Seems to be abandoned not-a-bug 2024-02-25 02:27 PM Actions
3580 Packages Bug [plymouth] Needs update not-a-bug 2024-02-25 02:27 PM Actions
3559 Packages Bug [prosody][community] Needs to be Removed duplicate 2023-12-31 09:13 AM Actions
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