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# Project Tracker Subject Status Updated
2831 Servers Housekeeping Some packages stopped receiving updates for x86_64 fixed 2020-07-09 08:10 AM Actions
2793 Packages Bug [core] repo is out of sync with upstream fixed 2020-06-11 08:58 PM Actions
2708 Packages Freedom issue [kdeplasma-addons] controversial qt5-webengine in makedepends and optdepends confirmed 2020-04-28 01:41 AM Actions
2707 Packages Freedom issue [intel-mkl] has nonfree Intel Simplified Software License unconfirmed 2020-05-23 01:40 PM Actions
2692 Packages Packaging request [librewolf] Packaging request for LibreWolf browser as a potential replacement of Iceweasel open 2020-04-14 07:44 PM Actions
2671 Packages Freedom issue [libosinfo] Probably needs to be removed from blacklist unconfirmed 2020-04-06 07:13 AM Actions
2670 Packages Freedom issue [osinfo-db] Contains metadata for nonfree OSs, including download URLs confirmed 2020-04-13 05:17 PM Actions
2644 Packages Freedom issue [nodejs-emojione] Non-free license unconfirmed 2020-03-01 08:43 AM Actions
2637 Packages Bug [ttf-gentium-plus] Not needed since community/gentium-plus-font 5.000-3 unconfirmed 2020-02-24 10:07 AM Actions
2616 Packages Freedom issue [magma] Depends on nonfree cuda confirmed 2020-02-06 05:18 PM Actions
2600 Packages Freedom issue [signon-ui] Depends on qt5-webengine duplicate 2020-01-15 04:56 PM Actions
2597 Packages Freedom issue [electron6] same freedom issues as with other electrons fixed 2020-01-10 08:48 AM Actions
2596 Packages Freedom issue [wire-desktop] Depends on electron4 duplicate 2020-01-10 08:38 AM Actions
2508 Packages Freedom issue [ksysguard] supports non-free nvidia-utils/nvidia-smi utility unconfirmed 2020-02-16 08:23 AM Actions
2488 Packages Freedom issue [iceweasel] various issues related to branding confirmed 2020-05-14 07:45 PM Actions
2479 Packages Freedom issue [ttf-joypixels] License is clearly non-free fixed 2019-09-06 11:05 PM Actions
2409 Packages Freedom issue [iceweasel] Can recommend non-free extensions and themes on about:addons page fixed 2019-11-22 03:34 PM Actions
2344 Packages Freedom issue [opera][opera-ffmpeg-codecs] non-free binary package fixed 2019-06-29 06:28 AM Actions
2334 Packages Freedom issue [otf-font-awesome][ttf-font-awesome] LICENSE asks to use brand icons only to represent the company, product, or service to which they refer confirmed 2019-06-16 09:05 AM Actions
2329 Packages Feature Request [filesystem] Add LOGO to os-release fixed 2019-06-17 04:55 PM Actions
2174 Packages Freedom issue [libksysguard] Depends on qt5-webengine duplicate 2019-02-26 08:48 PM Actions
2164 Packages Packaging request [iceweasel][iceweasel-addons] Provide /usr/lib/firefox symlink to drop iceweasel-specific extensions in favor of ones from Arch open 2019-10-14 10:57 PM Actions
2125 Packages Bug [virt-install] Conflicts with virt-manager which comes from Arch fixed 2018-12-30 03:04 PM Actions
2062 Packages Bug [minitube] Again requires Google API key not-a-bug 2019-03-01 12:59 PM Actions

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