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# Project Tracker Subject Status Updated
3343 Servers Bug SSL connection timeouts towards unconfirmed 2022-12-13 07:37 AM Actions
3281 Packages Bug (!)ssl certificate for has expired fixed 2022-05-14 01:21 AM Actions
3279 Servers Bug - some mirrors out-of-sync fixed 2022-09-16 05:19 AM Actions
3195 Packages Freedom Issue Consider providing eudev as an alternative to udev duplicate 2022-03-31 08:35 PM Actions
3194 Packages Bug [iceweasel]: multimedia playback broken or garbled audio on some sites in progress 2022-05-02 12:49 AM Actions
3135 Packages Bug [nonprism/webkit2gtk][nonprism/postfix]: installing icu (70.1-1) breaks dependency fixed 2021-11-29 03:14 AM Actions
3127 Packages Bug [lvm2 2.03.14-1] Dependency on systemd on non-systemd (OpenRC) systems prevents lvm volumes from activating unconfirmed 2021-12-04 03:52 PM Actions
3125 Packages Bug File conflicts during upgrade caused by name change: webkit2gtk-4.1 (new) vs. webkit2gtk (old) confirmed 2021-11-30 05:18 PM Actions
3053 Packages Bug pacman reports “maximum file size exceeded” on a number of Parabola libre systems during system upgrade not-a-bug 2022-05-11 10:12 PM Actions
2999 Packages Bug [kodi-x11] Repositories not working ("wrong digest" error message) duplicate 2021-03-24 11:32 PM Actions
2989 Packages Bug [!] kodi package conflicts with kodi-common, preventing installation of addons (kodi-addon-inputstream-adaptive) confirmed 2021-03-10 10:39 PM Actions
2946 Packages Bug Broken python packages after 3.9 upgrade confirmed 2022-04-29 04:12 PM Actions
2944 Packages Packaging Request warning: cannot resolve "util-linux-libs", a dependency of "glib2" (package is missing on 32-bit parabola) fixed 2021-02-03 07:06 AM Actions
2873 Packages Bug [i686/pambase] 20200721.1-2.nonsystemd1.any introduces system breakage across the board due to pam missing '' module in pam.1.3.1-1.3.par1.i686 fixed 2020-09-07 02:21 PM Actions
2814 Packages Bug syslog-ng logrotate file assumes systemd not-a-bug 2022-05-22 03:45 PM Actions
2813 Packages Bug apache logrotate file assumes systemd unconfirmed 2020-12-19 04:13 PM Actions
2812 Packages Bug MPlayer (38157-1.parabola2) depends on outdated not-a-bug 2022-05-14 11:30 AM Actions
2770 Packages Bug [ffmpeg] cannot install on i686/openrc not-a-bug 2020-05-10 12:53 AM Actions

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