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# Project Tracker Subject Status Updated
468 Servers Bug [ParabolaWeb] /packages/differences/ with an unrecognized architecture should be 4XX, not 5XX open 2014-01-21 05:03 PM Actions
173 Servers Bug [labs] Too much data is needed to register open 2013-07-17 12:01 AM Actions
202 Servers Bug [wiki] i18n template shouldn't be displayed with action=render (plain text wikipages) open 2013-07-16 11:59 PM Actions
56 Servers Bug [labs] Support tagging issues open 2013-07-16 11:58 PM Actions
105 Servers Bug [wiki,labs] JavaScript not labeled as free open 2013-07-16 11:54 PM Actions
1039 Software ports Bug ARM: architecture not autodetected properly open 2018-12-15 11:42 AM Actions
617 Software ports Packaging request Add a ROS repository for the ARM Port open 2018-12-09 02:39 AM Actions
1645 Software ports Bug GNOME desktop is broken open 2018-02-22 02:35 AM Actions
1591 Software ports Porting armv7h kernel unsuitable for QEMU open 2018-02-01 10:29 AM Actions
1296 Software ports Packaging request [pcr] Compile pcr/multipath-tools for arm (it's available on i686) open 2017-04-28 04:27 PM Actions
1252 Software ports Porting abs not working (+GPL issue?) open 2017-03-22 09:43 PM Actions
1037 Software ports Bug Have a way to calibrate resistive touchscreens. open 2017-02-08 12:37 AM Actions
1038 Software ports Packaging request jitsi is available on x86 but not on arm. open 2017-02-08 12:37 AM Actions
910 Software ports Bug Add Beaglebone black display driver if possible info needed 2017-02-08 12:37 AM Actions
975 Software ports Porting [avidemux] CPU not supported info needed 2017-02-08 12:25 AM Actions
1194 Software ports Porting future of i686 support open 2017-01-28 03:45 PM Actions
1036 Software ports Bug Add more xf86-video"drivers". in progress 2016-08-03 03:36 PM Actions
48 Software ports Bug Make the X server work without extra configuration open 2016-05-12 12:01 AM Actions
49 Software ports Bug Document how to use netcfg with wpa_supplicant and dhclient, or make it work with default configuration open 2016-05-12 12:01 AM Actions
62 Software ports Porting Implement --hash-style=gnu for MIPS open 2016-05-12 12:00 AM Actions
74 Software ports Bug cannot click on iceweasel and select text on a console open 2016-05-12 12:00 AM Actions
136 Software ports Porting [elfutils] Implement mips64el features needed for DWARF support in [perf-libre] open 2016-05-11 11:59 PM Actions
162 Software ports Bug [apr] 1.4.6-1 check fails open 2016-05-11 11:59 PM Actions
167 Software ports Bug [qemu-kvm] 1.1.1-1 build fails open 2016-05-11 11:59 PM Actions
169 Software ports Bug Find what games work open 2016-05-11 11:58 PM Actions
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