Freedom issue #1427

Updated by bill-auger over 1 year ago

I installed Deepin Desktop Environment recently on my GNU (Parabola) system using pacman ; downloaded packages came from community repo.
I detected two nonfree (or linked to nonfree software) features in deepin-file-manager and deepin-terminal.

h2. deepin-file-manager
* When I right-click on an empty zone in any window of the file manager, a menu appears, with a sub-menu called "New document".
It contains: "Office Text Document", "Spreadsheet Document", "Presentation Document" and "Plain Text Document".
The three first entries generate a MS Office text document, a MS Excel speadsheet document and a MS PowerPoint presentation document.
* It should be replaced so it create ODT documents

h2. deepin-terminal
* When I select any word, and then righ-click on it, a menu appears, with an entry called "Google", which launchs a Google's search engine instance in my web browser.
* We can imagin another behaviour, similar to KDE's: the user can toggle some default search engines (duckduckgo, searx, wikipedia, etc..) then applications refeer to it instead of one "mandatory" nonfree and malware search engine.

Thank you in advance for fixing it,

Best regards,
FĂ©licien Pillot <>