Bug #2108

Updated by bill-auger almost 2 years ago

x64_64 systemd iso - I'm trying to boot parabola from grub but I get the attached errors (see pictures)

I am running a librebooted X60 T7200.

I first tried to boot via the 'u' shortcut for selecting the usb. I have attached a picture below of that error.

I also tried booting from the grub command line using the following commands:

grub> set pager=1
grub> set root=(usb0)
grub> linux /parabola/boot/x86_64/vmlinuz root=/dev/sda1
grub> initrd /parabola/boot/x86_64/parabolaiso.img
grub> boot

Those commands got me into the error page in the attached picture.

Not sure what to do from here. Any help is greatly appreciated.