Freedom Issue #3406

Updated by bill-auger over 1 year ago

$ lolcat <<<'hello'
/usr/bin/lolcat:9:in `require': cannot load such file -- rubygems (LoadError)
from /usr/bin/lolcat:9:in `<main>'

this presumably affects every program which loads its ruby libs; (eg: `require` above), or otherwise itself calls `rubygems` rubygems for fun - fun; so presumably, each of their packages will need to be blacklisted evermore, if not patched and restored separately, if possible - there will likely be many examples of both outcomes, depending on how pervasively ruby devs tend to call rubygems from application code

note that the concern is: "freedom issue" intentionally - this ticket is presumed to be an epic - the anticipated sub-tasks will be evident/reported as bugs; but the cause is the 'your-freedom' package, and was intentional - the change was abrupt; and some sacrifices were anticipated - again presumably, that is: 'rubygems' package dependents, and any program which call rubygems from application code

there are few packages, which declare the dependency now; but it is a dependency of ruby in arch - any assumed dep is now a hidden/undeclared dep - the example above 'lolcat' is one example of the undeclared dep

$ sudo parabola-dependents -v rubygems
updating database ....
package: 'rubygems' not found - creating dummy package
dummy package 'rubygems' created
querying database ....
compiling results for (1) dependents ....
searching abslibre ....

direct and transitive arch dependents:
[rubygems] <- community/ruby-rake-compiler

parabola build dependents: