Privacy Issue #2580

Updated by bill-auger 8 months ago

I've tested [nonprism-testing/geoclue] (locally built).
As of writing this, my system is up to date:
$ sudo pacman -Syu
warning: geoclue: local (2.5.5+6+gea52170-1.nonprism1) is newer than extra (2.5.5+6+gea52170-1)

For the first test, [nonprism] was enabled. However, [nonprism/your-privacy] was not installed.
The last test was by having [nonprism-testing/geoclue] installed and masked geoclue.service as proposed "on StackExchange": .

All tests were performed with an active internet connection and without Tor, VPN,
I have evaluated the affected packages in [extra] ([nonprism] was NOT enabled):

In short: [nonprism-testing/geoclue] does not prevent geolocalization. Masking geoclue.service is needed and seems to prevent geolocalization.

* *+gnome-weather+*

** *[nonprism/gnome-weather]*
Does not start:
$ sudo pacman -Syuu gnome-weather
$ sudo pacman -U geoclue-2.5.5+6+gea52170-1.nonprism1-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz § journalctl /usr/bin/gnome-weather
-- Reboot --
Dec 18 18:36:09 host org.gnome.Weath[4349]: JS WARNING: [resource:///org/gnome/Weather/Application/js/app/world.js 73]: reference to undefined property "autoLocation"
Dec 18 18:36:09 host org.gnome.Weath[4349]: JS ERROR: TypeError: CurrentLocationController.AutoLocation is undefined

** *[extra/gnome-wheather]*
was able to determine my location.
** *[extra/gnome-weather] with masked geoclue.service*
was not able to determine my location.
$ sudo pacman -S gnome-maps gnome-weather empathy gnome-settings-daemon redshift webkit2gtk
Gjs-Message: 19:25:22.541: JS LOG: Failed to connect to GeoClue2 service: Error calling StartServiceByName for org.freedesktop.GeoClue2: Unit geoclue.service is masked.


* *+empathy+*
I've never used
the gnome apps I don't know how to enable more specific debug output. application before.
The options seem all about GUI stuff.

** gnome-weather
output in the terminal was:
Location <pre>
$ empathy
(empathy:6103): tp-glib-CRITICAL **: 18:40:22.723: tp_protocol_get_param: assertion 'TP_IS_PROTOCOL (self)' failed
Furhtermore I
was not available able to add accounts and had to be set manually. See screenshot attached. thus use the app in a meaningfull way. Please ask for screenshots if necessary.

* *+gnome-maps+*
** gnome-maps *[nonprism/gnome-maps]*
Location The app runs fine and the button for "Go to current location" was not available (button was greyed out). See screenshot attached.

** redshift *[extra/gnome-maps]*
Location is Detects localization after a short time.
** *[extra/gnome-maps] with masked geoclue.service*
Clicking on the localization button results in a message "Failed to connect to localization service" and my location seems
not to be found.
* *+gnome-settings-dameon+*
I don't know how to test whether it has any clues about the location. However gnome-shell runs fine.

* *+redshift+*
** *[nonprism/redshift]*
$ redshift -r -m dummy
Trying location provider `geoclue2'...
Using provider `geoclue2'.
WARNING: Using dummy gamma method! Display will not be affected by this gamma method. method `randr'.
Waiting for initial location to become available...
^Cpoll: Interrupted system call </pre>
Unable The program does not seem to get make any progress.
Running with the hardcoded
location from provider.
$ redshift -l XX.XX:YY.YY
Running with option -l is fine.

All in all, redshift behaves as expected.
** gnome-settings-daemon *[extra/redshift]*
Again no idea <pre>
§ redshift
Trying location provider `geoclue2'...
Using provider `geoclue2'.
Using method `randr'.
Waiting for initial location to become available...
Location: XX.XX N, Y.YY E
The returned location is in the city I am. geoclue must have returned the location.
** *[extra/redshift] with masked geoclue.service*
Same as in case _[nonprism/geoclue]_.

* *+webkit2gtk+*
I don't know,
how to test this. However gnome runs fine.

So my conclusion is that [nonprism-testing/geoclue] does a pretty good job.

Please let me know if you need any further information.