Bug #465

Updated by Anonymous over 6 years ago

I tried to install parabola from scratch instead of liberating Arch (I
won't do that), the iso is from september 2013. I encounter some issues
regarding this topic:

* The parabola-keyring needs to be upgraded because packages' integrity
verification failed saying it couldn't verify Nicolás Reynolds (fauno)
key. I talked to fauno and he said that he updated his keys a couple of
months ago so the problem is that the new package are signed with the
new fauno's key.
* /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist is out of date, it still has the repos that
where down some months ago.
* When I tried to "# mkinitcpio linux-libre" an error jumped saying:
"/lib/modules/3.10-10-1-LINUX-LIBRE" is not a valid kernel module
directory. Appearantly the module in question is not the same as the one
downloded with pacstrap, so they make a conflict (at least I think
that´s the reason)

We should update the iso because there are many other peoples that won't
know that to do.

Thanks, in advance