Feature Request #1309

Updated by lukeshu over 6 years ago

While looking at Arch's ABS, I noticed several mysterious 'upgpkg' files that seemed to be used for upgrading packages in an automated way. So, I began a search for a program that used these upgpkg files.

So, here is a brief history of the @upgpkg@ program, as best as I can tell:

* 2008-08-31: Initial 0.1 version is posted to Arch BBS by abhidg
* 2008-09-21: Is quickly included in to Daenyth's pkgtools package / , where it will receive minor updates through 2014 (but no version bumps)
* 2008-12-19: It is included by Florian Pritz ("bluewind") in his bin scripts , where he develops it as a more sophisticated fork
* 2010-11-01: bluewind submits upgpkg 0.2 to arch-general for inclusion in devtools
* 2010-11-02: bluewind submits upgpkg 0.3 to arch-general for inclusion in devtools
* 2010-11-08: bluewind submits upgpkg 0.4 to arge-general for inclusion in devtools
* 2011-11-07: bluewind pushes upgpkg 0.5 to git
* 2014-07-06: bluewind pushes upgpkg 0.6 to git
* 2015-12-05: bluewind makes most recent change to upgpkg

Confusingly, there is an outdated mirror/fork of Daenyth's pkgtools at

So anyway, the real-est version of upgpkg is at bluewind's at . To give additional credibility to bluewind's version as the "real" version, each of the @upgpkg@ files in Arch's ABS was committed by bluewind (these packages are packages/pacman-mirrorlist, packages/perl, and community/inxi).

I haven't evaluated the program itself very thoroughly; but it seems that it could be used to generalize the upgrading part of autobuilder.