Bug #1838

Updated by bill-auger almost 3 years ago

after i issue the pacstrap command,it downloads the packages and just before it returns the control to me it tells me that groups adm,users are missing(check out the picture).

this point,i didnt make much of it and proceeded to chroot into my installed system(after generating the fstable).
i proceeded to create a user and add that user to the wheel group,but when i do that,it tells me that wheel is
was not defined.
same thing happens for
the audio group as well.

so in order to fix these issues,i manually did
case a groupadd stmt with wheel,audio,adm,users and everything worked out fine.

but this was not at all an issue the previous time i installed openrc,which was about 2-3
few months ago.this is somewhat of a new issue,which doesnt happen with ago.
also,i tried
the systemd install.idk why. install...and that had no issues whatsoever.