• Branding

    Anything related about branding Parabola!

  • Documentation

    Anything related to writing documentation

  • Installation Media

    ISO images, installer, LiveCDs and scripts to prepare them.

  • Packages

    For general use, post freedom issues, malfunctioning packages, problems and feature requests here.

  • pacman2pacman

    Package downloader using torrents to share packages, lower mirror bandwidth use and improve reliability.

  • Ports

    Ports to other architectures, userland and kernels

  • Servers

    Servers used by the Parabola project and services provided by them, e.g. this tracker, wiki or mailing lists.

  • Tools

    Tools used by Parabola developers.

  • Upstreaming Patches

    This tracks patches sent in various upstream project (Arch, Aur, Linux, U-boot, etc)

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