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04:47 AM Ports Bug #124 (open): [racket] fails to build
Logs attached. xihh
04:31 AM Ports Bug #35: Remove eglibc
I think this is already done. xihh
04:24 AM Ports Bug #119: [okular] [mips64el] latest version fails to build
I think this error was fullpkg's fault. Will try again. xihh
04:19 AM libretools Bug #46: Sourcing PKGBUILDs might change variables used
Maybe that's the reason why some scripts from «devtools» use subshels when sourcing PKGBUILDs. xihh
04:13 AM libretools Bug #30: [libretools] fullpkg-find copies too much
I think this is working fine. Will update libretools packages. xihh
12:58 AM libretools Bug #30: [libretools] fullpkg-find copies too much
I think this problem is fixed on commit ff089d0a64dbf280c73e2ad6b11f82d015e229bd.
The code added is copied from ma...
04:09 AM libretools Bug #16: [librechroot] cleaning should take of build dependencies
This should be implemented on librechroot. There should be an option for adding a PKGBUILD's deps on $chrootdir/clean... xihh
03:45 AM libretools Bug #17: [libretools] set proper CARCH before sourcing a PKGBUILD in fullpkg-find
Fixed on commit f370b80d4df29991c523ed8af5dc2cb00e611b6e xihh
03:35 AM libretools Bug #21: [fullpkg-build] fetch all sources while building packages
I think this could be easily implemented in a «fullpkg-dl» which adds a file named «SRC_DOWNLOADED» on folders which ... xihh


12:10 AM libretools Bug #18: Have unit tests for [fullpkg-find], [toru] and other nontrivial scripts
Hi there... I think these are really needed, so I'll begin by writing those. Mind if they are written in python? xihh

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