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05:31 PM Servers Bug #1888: Pacman mirrorlist download redirects to non-existant old mirrorlist
download links on are broken, probably due to bug #880. on top of that, #1666 led to the disappe...
05:12 PM Packages Bug #1786 (fixed): libreoffice-still freezes
05:11 PM Packages Bug #1786 (invalid): libreoffice-still freezes
05:17 AM Packages Bug #1786 (info needed): libreoffice-still freezes
brettgilio wrote:
> Despite this being a few months old, what is the status of this issue for you now? Just so I can...
05:08 AM Packages Freedom issue #1882 (invalid): telegram-desktop only points to non-free SaaSS
agreed. thanks for all the input and reminders.


09:52 PM Servers Housekeeping #1600 (info needed): sort out mirrors and 404 errors
bill-auger wrote:
> the archlinux32 mirror has been down for some time
> is that defined...


04:46 PM Servers Housekeeping #1600: sort out mirrors and 404 errors
bill-auger wrote:
> the downloads page and the pacman mirrorlist are not fully correlated:
> * the downloads page l...
04:33 PM Servers Bug #1841 (fixed): alfplayer mirror not responding
as discussed the other day on irc, i've sent an email to alfplayer querying him about his mirror, which has been take...


05:25 AM Packages Bug #1754: [linux-libre] Version 4.16 sets console_loglevel to 15
doesn't seem to affect i686 with linux-libre 4.16.3_gnu-1.


03:57 PM Packages Packaging request #1703: [freecad] Add package to [PCR]
it was removed from Arch and Arch32 is lagging behind. this is why you see it on i686 but not on x86_64.

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