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08:23 AM Packages Freedom issue #2508: [ksysguard] supports non-free nvidia-utils/nvidia-smi utility
Arch Linux added nonfree nvidia-utils as an optional dependency, see grizzlyuser


09:50 PM Packages Freedom issue #2488: [iceweasel] various issues related to branding
Also please note that Hyperbola project noticed the issue with nonfree font in the logo earlier, see https://repo.hyp... grizzlyuser


05:11 PM Packages Freedom issue #2488: [iceweasel] various issues related to branding
It looks like the font glyphs used in Iceweasel logo are non-free. For example, inspect the file iceweasel-70.0/brand... grizzlyuser


12:40 PM Packages Freedom issue #2616 (confirmed): [magma] Depends on nonfree cuda
Package version: magma 2.5.2-3
I'm not familiar with the package, so don't know if it can build or work without CU...


08:08 AM Packages Freedom issue #2600 (duplicate): [signon-ui] Depends on qt5-webengine
Recent update of signon-ui 0.17+20171022-1 introduced qt5-webengine as a dependency. From the commit history it look... grizzlyuser


08:28 AM Packages Freedom issue #2597 (fixed): [electron6] same freedom issues as with other electrons
See parent issue #1167 for details grizzlyuser
08:21 AM Packages Freedom issue #2596: [wire-desktop] Depends on electron4
Oops, there's already a BR for that: #2201. Please close this one. grizzlyuser
08:19 AM Packages Freedom issue #2596 (duplicate): [wire-desktop] Depends on electron4
electron4 is in blacklist.txt , and wire-desktop is based and depends on it [1]. It looks to be useless without that ... grizzlyuser


05:12 PM Packages Bug #2561: [iceweasel] sudden shutdown of Iceweasel 70.0.1
The error message looks like the one I mentioned earlier in [1] (see # 6). Perhaps branding files in langpacks should... grizzlyuser


03:17 PM Packages Freedom issue #2409: [iceweasel] Can recommend non-free extensions and themes on about:addons page
Tested on x86_64 iceweasel 1:70.0.1-1.parabola1 with brand new clean profile. about:addons does not show recommendati... grizzlyuser

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