05:56 PM Packages Freedom Issue #329 (fixed): Clementine includes non-free artwork for the Nyan Cat plugin
Clementine includes a plugin that displays the famous Nyan Cat meme as the equalizer's graphics. Unfortunately, the a... csolisr
05:52 PM Packages Freedom Issue #328 (fixed): Clementine's rain effect sample is under a non-free license
Clementine includes a plugin that adds a rain sound. However, it's under a CC Sampling Plus license, which isn't cons... csolisr
05:20 PM Packages Bug #325: compiles iceweasel-libre with Gstreamer support
The patch is already applied... but it doesn't work as well as one would want (see the embedded file for details). Th... csolisr
05:17 PM Packages Freedom Issue #321: Virtualbox-Libre is insulting me.
If you want a distro that doesn't complain about your decisions, switch to Arch. I won't write down the procedure as ... csolisr


05:47 PM Packages Freedom Issue #132 (fixed): DuckDuckGo and IxQuick are non-free search providers
DuckDuckGo and IxQuick may be freedom-friendly, but unfortunately they're nonfree (as can be ascertained by GNU Libre... csolisr


03:15 AM Packages Bug #79 (fixed): File Roller and XArchiver currently don't work with UnUnRAR
Currently, both File Roller and XArchiver are not working with UnUnRAR. The commands "unar" and "lsar", though, are w... csolisr

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