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06:25 PM Packages Packaging request #2433: [AUR][morris-worm]
In order to be eligible to upload to the AUR, software must meet the rules of submission. Whoever uploaded morris-wor... eschwartz


06:14 PM libretools Feature Request #2403: [libremakepkg]: eradicate mksource() from abslibre
The concept of "libre" tarballs is essentially the same concept as Debian's "orig" tarballs, where an upstream source... eschwartz


03:49 AM Packages Packaging request #1899: HTTPS Everywhere
If firefox-extension-https-everywhere is being modded to become iceweasel-extension-https-everywhere then it might th... eschwartz


06:57 PM Packages Privacy issue #2349: [kitty] terminal connects on first run
The fix is now in Arch Linux's community repository. The fix will I suppose be available in Parabola as soon as Para... eschwartz
05:41 PM Packages Privacy issue #2349: [kitty] terminal connects on first run
Yes, I know you could set it in the config file per-user. The point is that upstream actually expects and encourages ... eschwartz
04:58 PM Packages Privacy issue #2349: [kitty] terminal connects on first run
Add an option to control the de...


06:48 PM Packages Freedom issue #2345: [code] depends on electron
Duplicate of which already reports that code depends on electron. eschwartz


07:45 PM Parabola Community Forum Troubleshooting : RE: Kpathsea can't find fonts for latex rendering
> It doesn't work on Arch either with texlive-most installed, so some fonts are probably left out when packaged for A... eschwartz


04:41 PM Packages Freedom issue #2331: [awesome-terminal-fonts] Contains at least one nonfree logo
In theory, rust guarantees that any dependency will always be available (albeit over the internet). Unlike golang, ca... eschwartz


04:05 PM Packages Bug #2141: libremakepkg failing to build package due to read-only startdir in recent librechroots
It's not an ugly hack. It is a curious appendage designed to be useful in the sole case where some user wants to crea... eschwartz

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