is oregano free?

nona - almost 2 years ago -


I am wondering why oregano is not included in Parabola. Are there any known freedom issues with it? Thanks!

(it is part of Trisquel, it seems)

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is oregano free? - bill-auger - almost 2 years ago -

theres no specific reason - there must be a million programs on
github - it is not possible to package them all - probably no
one has ever asked about this one before

on first sight, it looks fine

RE: is oregano free? - nona - almost 2 years ago -

I think so too. I mean, if this is proof of anything:

I would offer to create a PKGBUILD, but there is one on the AUR already. What I will offer is to eventually look into what happened to my last attempt to become a packager. Then, see if I can create the Parabola package from that PKGBUILD.

Thanks, bill