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08:36 PM Packages Bug #2139: Updating [libidn2] breaks [libre/systemd] may lead to unbootable system
then there are several other dependents - these probably all need to be rebuilt:...


01:14 AM Packages Freedom issue #2095: [libsystemd-dummy] unwanted dependency
there is another issue open to discuss this question and several others surrounding the confusing and sparsely docume...


09:13 PM Servers Bug #880: [www] "download from mirror" links don't work
this seems to be working properly now - maybe this issue has been fixed and forgotten to be closed?
06:13 PM Packages Packaging request #2135: [blender] error while loading shared libraries:
Rigo-V -
it looks like the blender package needs to be rebuilt - if you need to use it today, you can make it work...
05:59 PM Packages Freedom issue #2136: [musescore]: depends on 'qt5-webengine'
the 'blender' issue is a duplicate of #2135
the 'marble-common' issue is a duplicate of #2117
the 'musescore' i...


08:58 PM Installation media Bug #2108: [x84_64] [Systemd ISO] fails to boot on Librebooted Thinkpad X60
regarding the desktop icon, that fails mainly because 'xterm' is not installed - to make that work on that ISO, right...
06:12 PM Installation media Bug #2133: [systemd/lxde ISO] grub-install error with x86_64-efi
i dont recall seeing that error before - i would not want to try trouble-shooting UNetbootin - that should work; but ...
04:38 PM Documentation Housekeeping #2026: OpenRC installation documentation appears to need a major rewrite
the latest openrc ISOs also have this problem - they have the [nonsystemd] repo enabled; but it is not possible to in...
03:39 PM Packages Packaging request #1994: Packaging request for USBGuard
i would say, if the devs themselves are responsible enough to label it "not-ready" that is a good sign; but the packa...


06:18 AM Servers Housekeeping #1600: sort out mirrors and 404 errors
yes, it is probably time to look into this again - there have been 2 or 3 new parabola mirrors added since this issue...

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