Arch accepts Parabola as the next version of Arch

gap - almost 2 years ago -

Great news!

Arch made a statement today explaining that the next version of Arch will be completely compliant with the GNU FSDG. To accomplish this, Arch plans to adopt Parabola as the next version of Arch.

When asked about this, the project leader of Arch, Mr. Archibald B.T.W. Aiuze, said, "What were you saying about ellipses, again?"

This news comes on the anniversary of the announcement that Debian will finally be accepting newer versions of software into its repositories that are less than 10 years old, and noVideo's decision to begin including micro-thermonuclear warheads in its latest batch of graphics cards, which are pre-programmed to detonate if the user attempts to load firmware which is not cryptographically signed by noVideo chairwoman, Ms. Chief.

Let's hope that next year's news will be all the more GNUwsworthy.

Happy April Fools!