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[systemd][libsystemd] diverge from logind

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Just as lukeshu did with systemd-udev to avoid conflicts with systemd and eudev, it's a good idea to also separate logind into systemd-logind to avoid conflicting with elogind.

Related to this, there's the sysusers an tmpfiles conflict too. Regarding to this, I think we could merge opensysusers, opentmpfiles and chroot-nspawn into a single package called systemd-utils-compat or sth. like that so it does not conflict systemd's utilities (no /usr/bin/systemd-* files there, anyways they are not needed for their init scripts)

Related issues

Is duplicate of Tools - Bug #1444: [notsystemd] Remove logind, depend on elogindopen




Updated by lukeshu over 2 years ago

  1. Because of relatively tight integration between systemd and systemd-logind, I'm not comfortable splitting them apart until I have a better idea of where the boundaries lie. I would say that in the mean time elogind needs to say conflicts=(systemd) but that would make in conflict with notsystemd on OpenRC systems.
  2. I'm aiming for an upcoming notsystemd-239.2 to be compatible with elogind. This should be resolved then.
  3. I'm mixing up if it's opensysusers or opentmpfiles, but: One of them badly needs updated, and (following the upstream source release) split in to a split package of opensysusers and opensysusers-systemdcompat; only the latter of which should actually conflict with systemd.
  4. opensysusers, opentmpfiles, and chroot-nspawn are all written+maintained by different groups of people; opensysusers is from Artix Linux, opentmpfiles is from Gentoo, and chroot-nspawn is from Hyperbola GNU/Linux-libre. Merging them would be... weird.
  5. I'm not a fan of chroot-nspawn. Use notsystemd-nspawn.

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  • Is duplicate of Bug #1444: [notsystemd] Remove logind, depend on elogind added

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Dup of #1444

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