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06:54 PM Packages Bug #2652 (fixed): [nonsystemd/p11-kit]: and core/libp11-kit seem to be conflicting
looks like p11-kit was updated by @bill-auger, solving this issue
I'll mark it as fixed
06:53 PM Installation media Bug #2628: no network after installing openrc system on X200 with Libreboot
arojas0609 wrote:
> After several days struggling to install Parabola Linux on a Lenovo X200 system with Libreboot, ...
06:47 PM Installation media Bug #2633 (not-a-bug): cryptsetup not available on CLI OpenRC iso
install it from the live system then, it's very easy, just type "pacman -S cryptsetup" and you're done Megver83
06:46 PM Installation media Bug #2630: Problems installing Parabola OpenRC LXDE
I plan to replace those install scripts with a fork of Revenge Installer, a zenity script, so it's graphical. Plus, I... Megver83


07:33 PM libretools Bug #2648: libremakepkg failing on i686 with Operation not permitted on '/tmp/*/db/sync/*.db
A temporary solution could be adding an option in libretools so the user can configure it to use systemd-nspawn or ch... Megver83
07:30 PM libretools Bug #2648: libremakepkg failing on i686 with Operation not permitted on '/tmp/*/db/sync/*.db
This issue happened in beefcake, but I didn't know it was due to systemd-nspawn (I use OpenRC). Just installed the [n... Megver83


09:13 PM Packages Freedom issue #2645 (confirmed): [archlinux-repro] downloads archlinux's bootstrap
when running the 'repro' command from archlinux-repro, an Arch Linux bootstrap image is downloaded, which means we sh... Megver83
09:10 PM Packages Housekeeping #2478 (fixed): [arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc][arm-linux-gnueabi-binutils]: possible duplicate packages
Just realized this issue was reported 6 months ago
They are all different cross compilers, which are needed to bui...


02:23 PM Packages Bug #2638: [systemd] remove from base-devel group
bill-auger wrote:
> 'systemd' is already pulled in by 'base' via
> 'systemd-sysvcompat' and 'systemd-udev'; and 'ba...


06:52 PM Packages Bug #2639 (confirmed): [uboot4extlinux] do not use fallback images as initrd
Linux-libre kernels for ARM do not have fallback images (although I can add them, but that's another discussion). And... Megver83

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