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08:25 PM Packages Housekeeping #3350 (duplicate): [TODO] Deprecate python2 packages
As you may have noticed, "Arch deprecated python2": Megver83


01:28 AM Packages Freedom Issue #2909: fwupd has a nonfree repository Was: Do check fwupd
Do we really want this? this issue is similar to the ones of third party package managers (pip, npm, flatpak) which o... Megver83


07:19 PM Packages Bug #2775 (fixed): [libremakepkg]: all arm builds failing
Just upgraded the packages. I did a second release to merge all binfmt .conf files into one, so it does not conflict ... Megver83


11:05 PM Packages Bug #2775: [libremakepkg]: all arm builds failing
Megver83 wrote:
> I've been testing QEMU 7 and it solves this issue, even the pacman error saying that / is read-onl...
09:43 PM Packages Bug #2775 (in progress): [libremakepkg]: all arm builds failing
I've been testing QEMU 7 and it solves this issue, even the pacman error saying that / is read-only in the armv7h chr... Megver83


06:39 AM Parabola Community Forum Troubleshooting : RE: parabola openrc update gpg keys on boot
I think this should be removed. It causes a huge mess when there's slow connection or no network. A better approach, ... Megver83
02:33 AM Packages Bug #2372: [linux-libre-chromebook] not booting on C201
Just for the record, "ChromiumOS deprecated the veyron patch": Megver83


02:18 AM Ports Porting #3291 (open): [powerpc64le][riscv64] Use ArchPOWER as base distro
"ArchPOWER": is an unofficial powerpc64le, powerpc and riscv64 port of Arch Linux. I have ... Megver83
02:04 AM Packages Housekeeping #3290 (in progress): [nonsystemd] OpenRC init scripts repackaging
Our OpenRC init scripts PKGBUILDs are based on the deprecated Arch OpenRC and Manjaro OpenRC projects. Although they ... Megver83


04:46 PM Documentation Housekeeping #3168: [eudev-systemd]: package dropped - still suggested on the wiki
eudev is systemd's udev, and it is almost exactly the same as nonsystemd/udev, please don't bring eudev back, it is p... Megver83

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