Bug #202

[wiki] i18n template shouldn't be displayed with action=render (plain text wikipages)

alfplayer - over 11 years ago - . Updated over 10 years ago.

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ArchISO (iso builder) uses this URL to get the Installation Guide, but the URL doesn't work as it does in ArchWiki or Wikipedia because action=render doesn't work as it should.

This URL works:

The issue with this URL is that the MediaWiki template appears at the top (it shouldn't).

The template does not appear using action=render on ArchWiki, which uses "interlanguage links" ( and not the template (thanks ovruni for pointing this out).

Can action=render be fixed to avoid displaying the template, as in ArchWiki?



Updated by ovruni over 11 years ago

I've tried the extension TranslatedPages (created by me) and shown in the same way that Arch wiki, also synchronizes language translations. See [[]] :D


Updated by alfplayer over 11 years ago

Thanks. Can this be installed on our wiki to solve the bug?

Correction about the title: action=render does not output plain text (it's HTML), but is used by ArchISO (lynx -dump -nolist) to create /root/install.txt in the ISOs.


Updated by alfplayer over 11 years ago

Using sed '1,9d' on ArchISO I now remove the garbage block of i18n text left out by lynx. It's an ugly hack because it's necessary to manually check that install.txt is created properly, as text block may take a different number of lines in the future, e.g. by adding or removing languages on the wikipage. So now this is not urgent for me because I can build Parabola official ISOs.


Updated by alfplayer almost 11 years ago

Now that MediaWiki is updated, it may be possible to install interlanguage links like Arch or use ovruni's extension, to stop using the ugly i18n template.

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