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Openbox lists non‐free software in context menu

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There is Openbox context menu which lists some software, including non‐free. Also, there is OpenOffice, but LibreOffice is recommended.


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Updated by bill-auger almost 5 years ago

the only non-free program i see in the openbox menu is opera -
it perhaps would launch opera if it is on the system; but
it is on the blacklist, so well its really nothing more than
a word - it would be difficult to construe that as a
recommendation; because the official recommendation is to keep
'your-freedom' installed, making it impossible to install opera
using the system tools

the more significant problem with the default openbox menu is
that it is the pre-configured 'static' menu, which does not
correspond to the programs that are actually installed on the
system - the proper solution is to enable the dynamic menu
generation by default


Updated by bill-auger almost 5 years ago

i have the proper solution worked out; but it would require blacklisting openbox, in order to have it depend on the dynamic menu generator 'obmenu-generator' - in this case, i dont think the benefit justifies the effort though

another plan, one that would add nothing to the workload, would be to have 'your-freedom' watch the 'openbox' package and clobber the default menu with another static (aka: mostly useless) menu - the menu file is in the backup() array; so it is "permissible" to modify it from another package - that would obstruct the user from maintaining customizations to it though, so its not great; but that file can still be over-ridden in the user's HOME dir

anyway, if someone wants to do it:

  • add 'obmenu-generator' to the depends() array in the 'openbox' PKGBUILD
  • install this custom menu.xml as /etc/xdg/openbox/menu.xml
  • install this custom as /etc/xdg/obmenu-generator/

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