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[your system sanity] Make it conflict like your-freedom

temporaryuser - 17 days ago - . Updated 10 days ago.

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your system sanity prevents installation of some packages but does not conflict with them.
It becomes an issue if your-system-sanity is installed after one of these packages. When doing pacman -Syu if updated package is blacklisted, upgrade will be aborted and user will be required to manually remove blacklisted package or your system sanity.



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That exact change is already planned the use of the ALPM_hook did not work out as planned due to limitations of ALPM_hooks.

Original plan was to have the warning then ask if the user wished to proceed. Sadly you can not do user interactions from an ALPM hook.


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Updated by temporaryuser 10 days ago

Looks like it will prevent installation after package is downloaded. Why waste time?


Updated by bill-auger 10 days ago

the packages that are downloaded are free software - that is not
the issue - this is about warning people that these programs
have the potential to download other software - just as librejs
warns people about using the web

it is not a waste of time because the alternative is
blacklisting them or the intractable task of filtering all
of their repos and hosting them elsewhere

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