Bug #2665

Issues with reboot/shutdown

Anonymous - 10 months ago - . Updated 10 months ago.

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Recently strange issue appeared with reboot or shutdown on my computer. I'm using account created by systemd complete iso graphical installer.

When I attempt to reboot or shutdown, it freezes for some time without any output. This issue is not present if I log off before doing this. Most likely timeout is reached and something is killed.



Updated by bill-auger 10 months ago

ive seen systemd do something similar in many different cases -
it is usually waiting for some service to shutdown - on the
screen you may see a count-down timer like "waiting for stop job


Updated by Anonymous 10 months ago

I don’t. Latest message is about root partition.

After it is timed out, I see something like "watchdog did not stop" and then reboot/shutdown messages as usual.


Updated by Anonymous 10 months ago

Shutdown was successful (no issue) this time. I will try again later again.


Updated by Anonymous 10 months ago

Cannot reproduce anymore. Most likely fixed in some update.

Issue sometimes disappear.


Updated by Anonymous 10 months ago

Might be some Tor Browser issue they fixed today. Still checking.

Looks like it is not related to my Tor Browser in any way.

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