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small change to /etc/conf.d/consolefont

nona - 7 days ago - . Updated about 14 hours ago.

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Hello. I am using OpenRC. I found that /usr/share/consolefonts does not exist and is mentioned in /etc/conf.d/consolefont. This can lead to some confusion [1] (it happened to me too). The directory does not need to exist, apparently.

/usr/share/consolefonts does not exist and is mentioned in /etc/conf.d/consolefont

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Updated by bill-auger 2 days ago

is this a bug - does it cause any problem ?


Updated by nona 1 day ago

Dunno. How should I call something which is wrong with the documentation and needs to be changed?


Updated by bill-auger 1 day ago

what i was asking was if that missing file is causing any
problems with the functioning of the system -

off-hand there are two possible resolutions to this bug report -
if the missing /usr/share/consolefonts file does not cause any
problems, then maybe /etc/conf.d/consolefont could be changed to
not mention it anymore; but if that file is important then
something it would require some investigation to find out what
to do about it


Updated by nona about 15 hours ago

The missing directory does not interfere with the good functioning of the system.

The directory does not need to exist, apparently.

The link [1] mentions the existing `/usr/share/kbd/consolefonts/', and I would imagine that `/usr/share/consolefonts' needs to be replaced with that in the documentation. I was not brave enough to delete that directory or any of its files to test.




Updated by freemor about 15 hours ago

Is it my imagination or is consolekit conspiciously absent.
pacman -Ss consolekit finds nothing. (but I done have an openRC vm rolled rith now)
nothing in [nonsystemd] seems to be creating it.
and it seems it'd be a big peice of the puzzle. (IIUC)


Updated by bill-auger about 14 hours ago

consolekit has been gone for years now - i could not find much
discussion about it; but 'elogind' is apparently providing that
functionality for openrc systems - if something in the system
is having a problem with 'consolekit'; megver may know best
how to fix it


Arch dropped extra/consolekit in 2012,
Megver83 deleted pcr/consolekit on 2018-04-19 

First remove consolekit-openrc, then install elogind


Nowadays, it means that you need to use a DM that supports
elogind. In my case, I use sddm-elogind (I'll update it and move
it to [nonsystemd] in some moment)


Updated by bill-auger about 14 hours ago

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