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[kodi] error while loading shared libraries:

baptiste - 6 months ago - . Updated 1 day ago.

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kodi segfaults - see the attached file


kodi_crashlog-20200725_101458.log (22 KB) kodi_crashlog-20200725_101458.log baptiste, 2020-07-26 12:30 PM
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Updated by baptiste 5 months ago

Hello, I have been able to compile kodi with the current PKGBUILD from arch (modified to add the libre.patch from parabola) and it seems to run from my test machine. It wasn't working one month ago, so I suppose somes updates from arch were not merge to parabola at the time. I have not find any documentation on how to compile it in order to be fully libre, is the libre.patch is sufficient or there is something else to check?



Updated by bill-auger 4 months ago

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i dont get a segfault, but a library conflict - maybe this is new though

$ kodi
/usr/lib/kodi/kodi-x11: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

the standard way to re-build packages is to get the PKGBUILD from abslibre, and whatever other sources beside it (libre.patch in this csae), merge any changes from arch (often only bumping the pkgver), then build it with makepkg - if the libre.patch does not apply, it will need to be re-worked

$ makepkg -sri

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Updated by bill-auger 1 day ago

v18.9 fixes this


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