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[icecast] SSL doesn't seem to work

ryry - over 3 years ago - . Updated over 2 years ago.

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After a new install of Icecast, following the configuration (which I have done previously) to use my lets encrypt certs with icecast, I enable SSL and add the location in paths and (after combining as required) have tried both the certs in their letsencrypt and within the icecast location as many setup docs suggest (which has worked successfully before), however icecast refuses to load the ssl defined port using ssl, instead falling back to plain. On inspection of the logs, it reports that no "SSL capability defined on any port".

Steps to reproduce
Install Icecast.
Change config file to include a combined.pem file containing certificates, enable ssl and open relevant ports.
Start Icecast using systemd.
Try to connect to SSl port etc using browser.

Doesn't seem its a listed bug upstream in arch or beyond, not sure if the version in the repos has openssl in its compilation (or if this was intended?). Or indeed wether I have missed something really obvious? Sorry in advance if this is so.




Updated by freemor over 3 years ago

Seems to be a common problem Icecast is finiky about the concatenated cert. see:


Updated by ryry over 3 years ago

Thanks for the info freemor, I saw this post when looking to solve issue last week, but for some reason, I don't get any messages about an invalid cert, just the No SSL capability. I tried it several times again, just to be sure I wasn't missing a step in the instructions you suggested, but alas It still fails.



Updated by freemor over 3 years ago

Did you notice right near the bottom where a poster mentiones that the order on concatenation matters. (Just checking).


Updated by ryry over 2 years ago

I managed to get this working. It seemed to be something to do with one of the commented out lines near the certificate, which I hadn't removed which, has been working for a little while now for me. So this is not a bug/issue and can be closed :). Sorry. Many thanks

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