Bug #2918

[archlinuxarm-keyring] unknown trust when installing on ARM

infinite_recursion - over 3 years ago - . Updated over 3 years ago.

info needed
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This package is 2 years old. Please update it. It hinders installation of ARM by throwing an error.



Updated by bill-auger over 3 years ago

what is the error message? - generally, the only important
information for most bug reports, is the command that was
run and the error message that it produced - bug reports
stating only "it is broken", or "i got an error", are very
difficult or impossible to address

the 'archlinuxarm-keyring' package is actually six years old
(v20140119) - it has not changed; so there is nothing to upgrade
it to



Updated by infinite_recursion over 3 years ago

I had to use

pacman-key --populate archlinuxarm

to get rid of the error. Either the installation instructions are wrong or the keyring has to be updated. This was the sort of error I got.

signature from "Arch Linux ARM Build System <>" is unknown trust


Updated by bill-auger over 3 years ago

when reporting a bug about an error message, you should always show the exact command that you typed along with the error message, so that someone else can try to reproduce the error

it is usually helpful to specify the architecture of the computer on which the command as typed, also and often the init system is important too - the way this is described, i do not know what you did, or on which variety of parabola system, or what goal you were trying to accomplish; so i can not try to repeat it

in this case you also claim that the documentation is wrong; but you did not indicate which install guide, or which section should need attention

an excellent bug report looks something like this:

system info: parabola x86_64 with systemd, wayland, and gnome

steps to reproduce:
1) install the 'foo' package version 1.2.3
2) ensure that a printer is plugged in an turned on
3) run the 'print-foo' command

expected result:
my printer should print "foo"

actual result:
my printer started smoking
i received this error message:
$ print-foo --no-smoking-mode
ERROR: sorry i cant let you do that dave


Updated by oaken-source over 3 years ago

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infinite_recursion please outline what you were doing when that error was produced.

you mentioned you were 'installing ARM' -- could you give us a few details what you were trying to achieve, and what you did?

I think the fact that you encountered that error means there's a fault somewhere on our side that we should fix, but you've not given us enough details yet to start looking for it :)


Updated by oaken-source over 3 years ago

  • Subject changed from archlinuxarm-keyring update to [archlinuxarm-keyring] unknown trust when installing on ARM
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Updated by infinite_recursion over 3 years ago

Sorry, I was a bit busy.

:: Import PGP key 77193F152BDBE6A6, "Arch Linux ARM Build System <>"? [Y/n] Y
error: key "77193F152BDBE6A6" could not be looked up remotely
error: required key missing from keyring
error: failed to commit transaction (unexpected error)

This was the exact error. I tried to install linux-libre-64 or something after arch-chroot to the root partition. But the thing is, as I mention in #2 "pacman-key --populate archlinuxarm" does the job.

So, either the documentation to install parabola ARMv7 is incomplete wrt this or some keys are old.

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