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nona - 4 months ago - . Updated 11 days ago.

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I am getting some warnings about /etc/profile.d/ (core/perl 5.32.0-1). The warning says that append_path was not found. I seem to remember that append_path would just add something to PATH. I am using OpenRC. (See also perlbin.csh).




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which steps would be needed for someone to reproduce the error message?


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What? did I really post an empty bug? No! I am sorry. I remember to have described that shows an error regarding a missing append_path. May be I forgot to hit send? (unlikely, since the bug report was created).


On boot (OpenRC), I see an error saying something about a missing append_path. I am familiar with that function, and remembered that it came from the scripts in profile.d. When I checked the files over there, I saw that had append_path. In the back of my head, something told me that this was a convenience function to add a directory to the PATH variable. I fixed it by defining PATH manually, instead of using append_path.

Sorry for missing the description. I don't know what happened.


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sry, i erased the OP accidentally


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No worries. Since I still see the "info needed" tag, I didn't really do anything. When I boot, I see the warning on the OpenRC notices. I guess that to reproduce the problem, you would install OpenRC and, turn on the computer and look at the messages prior to the OS initialisation. In my case, I just modified the file, and the error is gone.


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The bug is back. If you want more info, let me know what that would be, please.


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My system had a very old version of /etc/profile. This file from the filesystem package defines append_path.

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